Economy* String Tuner Mechanisms, 2 for One! in Sets (6 Pairs), Left- & Right-Hand (non-inline)

John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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Economy String Tuning Mechanisms 

  • 3 Pairs Left-hand
  • 3 Pairs Right-hand
  • Our harp kits non longer use these Economy Tuners. You may make use of them for your own harps as long as you properly fit them to the Neck of your harp and use them correctly. 

Quantity Purchase:

  • Get 2 sets for less than the price of one set! 12 tuners for only $8. (Normally $9 for a single set of 6 [3L-3R].)

* Please note: Economy tuners are not warranted.

Economy tuners typically experience an expected failure rate of 15% or more, on average, during the first months (or longer) after installation & use. They are far less expensive & easier to afford but require exacting installation & careful use. Economy tuners are provided especially for beginners on budgets. 

As necessary, over time, if a tuning mechanism drive gear gets damaged on your harp, you can use a spare tuner or buy a separate tuner mech and just use the parts from it like the drive gear alone. Economy tuner mechanisms are very quick and easy to change out if necessary.

We recommend using our Standard string tuning mechanisms, especially if this is your first harp project or if you are not mechanically inclined (regardless of how many years you may have worked with wood). Economy tuners can save some cost upfront but require much greater care in their installation and ongoing use. 

We provide a tuner care document to help you get the best out of your economy tuner purchase. See this link.