26 String ParaHarp Kits (with Wood)

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New, coming soon for 2021: ParaHarp 26, a hybrid 26 string folk harp kit!

Please note our shipping policy for all kits:  S/H Policy

ParaHarps are hybrid harps consisting of the best quality mix of contemporary Celtic & Paraguayan folk harps. ParaHarps are complete kits including pre-cut wood. Some surface finishing, etc., is up to you, however.

Only one or two ParaHarp Kits are made each month. So, check back each week for stock to be replenished if the kits are currently SOLD OUT. 

  • ParaHarps are lightweight: 12 lbs or less.
  • They have a very narrow footprint, side to side and front to back.
  • They are well under 48" tall. They have their own feet that support the harp by itself when stored against a wall (without touching the wall) or leaning the harp back on the shoulder to play, using non-slip feet pads.
  • They use the highest quality, custom-built Paulownia Soundboards.
  • ParaHarp's Soundboards are "floating," meaning they can be easily removed & replaced if they should ever become damaged or crack, etc., protecting your investment.
  • ParaHarps use laminated, pre-veneered cabinet multiply wood of Maple or Oak for part of its major components. These are very strong yet lightweight & don't need finishing, saving you much time, trouble, & extra expense. 
  • Select ParaHarps use Paulownia or Western Red Cedar for the Sides of the harp depending on how ordered (including on national availability of the wood).
  • ParaHarps use closed-back, bottom bass-ported Sound Chambers (bodies, boxes) for more efficient & pleasing low end.
  • Their Back Panels are easily removed for string installation or maintenance.
  • They are lightweight with a smaller footprint when compared to a comparably sized, Celtic-styled folk harp.
  • Each ParaHarp is custom hand-built & will each have its own slight variations & voicing compared to its demonstration model. Since they use real tonewood for their Soundboards, your harp's voice will take between one & two years to mature and find its own voice. This is always a sweet improvement!

ParaHarps are great for students, young children, adults moving up from those little play harps, and for clinical work where a fuller & inspiring sound is required but where a smaller footprint and lighter weight are still required. Plus, the cost for these harps is much less than comparable Celtic-styled, pre-built, or other's kit harps of the same size and sound quality. 

Their treble is clean with a well-balanced & firm low end. String tension is easier than on a comparable Celtic harp. Spacing is a bit closer, as well, both making it far easier for beginners, children & the elderly to learn on or continue to play the harp, regardless of age.

The ParaHarps have a balanced amount of sustain or ring. However, not so much as to interfere with the clean & clear notes to follow. This avoids the extra process where one must constantly dampen previous cords or notes to stop the cacophony of out-of-tune notes and chords interfering with the next notes being played. Yet, the balanced resonant sustain & ring maintain the pleasant & unique harp sounds humanity has grown to love, mimicking larger harps.

ParaHarp 26 models start on its low C and end about 3.5 octaves higher on G. The seven lowest notes consist of deluxe wound strings for more even & balanced bass-to-treble, low-end notes. (We don't use those cheaper, less efficient monofilament strings in this range.) All strings are name-brand quality Nylon monofilament or Nylon-Nylon wrapped, as appropriate.

String colors default to the traditional North American standard (Red C's/Blue F's) unless you specify the South American Standard (Blue C's/Red F's) in the Shopping Cart Notes. 

For all the playing & engineering advantages of the Paraguayan folk harp, go back to the opening pages & scroll down to the section, "Why Go With A Paraguayan Style Folk Harp."

The ParaHarp Kits come with the following:

  • Complete Assembly Instructions
  • Wood Components:
  1. * Pre-Cut for you.
  2. * Complicated Components are Pre-Shaped to varying degrees (Sides, Neck & Pillar & Soundboard). All other components are cut to size to fit.
  3. * You glue & screw together all components.
  4. * You sand all components (except for the pre-veneered pieces) and you might shape some to your individual liking (such as Soundboard Retainer Strips, etc.).
  5. * You get to surface finish all non-veneered components as you choose (paint, stain, lacquer, etc.).
  6. * All components are pre-punched or pre-drilled where necessary and at all critical & complicated locations.
  • Types & Composition of Components include:
  1. * Two Sides, Top & Bottom Plates, and Soundboard Retainer Strips: Various Western Red Cedar, Paulownia, and Laminated, Veneered Cabinet Maple or Oak (Multiply Laminate)
  2. * Connecting & Support Rails: Multi-ply Laminate
  3. * Soundboard: Pre-Built, Superior 3/16 inch musically-resonant, quarter-sawn, sectional Paulownia 
  4. * Back Panel: 3/16 inch Multiply with carrying handle
  5. * Inner String Ribs: Western Red Cedar
  6. * Front String Rib: Cherry, Walnut, or Mahogany
  7. * Back Panel Attachment Rails:  Paulownia
  8. * Sound Board Retainer Blocks:  Paulownia
  9. * Neck: Multi-ply Laminate
  10. * Pillar: Multi-ply Laminate
  11. * Supporting Foot Assemblies: Multiply Laminate with rubber feet
  • All Hardware
  • Deluxe String Set
  • Tuning Wrench
  • String Winder
  • Electronic Guitar Tuner

The attached pictures of the ParaHarp 26 Folk Harp include the Shop's demonstration model ParaHarp made from the same sized & shaped components that would come with your kit (per above).

Your choice of wood color (where applicable) may be different from mine as pictured.

You are free to dress up, surface shape & decorate the harp however you see fit as long as the basic infrastructure or Multiply Laminate surfaces don't change.

An optional Electronic Guitar Tuner is available to assist you with your initial string tuning & keeping your harp in tune thereafter.

Please note:  All wrapped bass strings are custom-made at the time of order & are not stocked. Please, allow up to 2 weeks for strings to be made & shipped after placing your order. Only one, combined shipment will be made for all string sets & materials ordered at the same time.

Major changes to the harp's infrastructure would likely hinder its structural integrity, endurance, playability, and its unique quality of sound. Also, this would void the harp's warranty. Please, email or call if you have any questions regarding this.