Standard String Tuner Mechanisms, Brass-Geared, Left & Right-Hand, 1 Set of 3L/3R (Three Pairs)

John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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Standard String Tuner Mechanisms, with Brass Gears, Non-Inline

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  • Choose from Chrome & Black settings (one color per set only).
  • Knob colors vary from white to light grayish Pearloid, depending on the batch. (Knob colors don't vary per Set.)

Unlike so many other economical tuners in this price range, our tuners don't use foreign powdered iron drive gears, which gears break down or strip out quite quickly; very often right out of the new packaging!

Instead, our Tuners use strong brass, which won't break down so easily, even with a lot of string pressure & use. We've stringently tested these string tuners for 4 to 5 months before offering them for your individual purchase or for use in our harp hardware kits. We have gotten marvelous results from them with not even one failure!

These tuners are sold in single sets of 3 pairs each: 

  • 3 Left-hand
  • 3 Right-hand
  • A total quantity of 6 tuners each per Set
  • The matching bushings are plastic but, are not used on our harps.
  • Tuner settings are approximately 27mm wide, 14mm tall with a 27mm long string shaft, string hole at 22 - 23mm from setting.

Please, first check to verify the fit of these tuners to your harp before ordering them. Warranty returns on tuners require you to cover all original send & return shipping if the tuners won't match your harp.

Note: These string tuners are not kept as in-stock items but, are special-order from our bulk wholesale supplier. Whether purchased within our harp hardware kits or bought separately, these tuners will delay ship typically 3 to 9 days after you place your order for them. 

If you need several different products to purchase & need some sooner than later, we suggest you make two orders so the rest of the parts ship right away & arrive earlier than the tuners (& wrapped bass strings, which also delay ship).

The pictures show a sample of each color style.