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Only one or two ParaHarp Kit instruments are made each month. So, check back each week for stock to be replenished if the harps are currently SOLD OUT. 


ParaHarps are hybrid harps consisting of the best quality mix of contemporary Celtic & Paraguayan folk harps. ParaHarps are almost completed harps but, sold similar to kit form. So, each harp requires some assembly.

When the harp is shipped, the Body (sound chamber), 2 Feet, Neck & Pillar (post) and carry handle will be separated from each other for more economical, standard carrier & safer shipping (making expensive semi-truck, heavy-crated freight shipping unnecessary).

You will put it back together with its 6 separated components and string & tune your harp. However, it is a very simple & easy process to assemble your harp using just a screwdriver with a Phillips bit and the supplied Square bit & two Allen bits. (A powered screwdriver is highly recommended but is not absolutely necessary.) Plus, it is very good to learn how to string & tune your instrument. 

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Contact us to set up a Skype or ZOOM appointment to see & hear one of these harps.

ParaHarp Features:

  • Each ParaHarp is custom hand-built and thus, each will have its own unique structural variations, colors & voicing compared to but still conforming to our ParaHarp demonstration model's specifications.
  • ParaHarps use real quarter-sawn, sectional Paulownia tonewood with W. R. Cedar and Mahogany, Cherry, or Maple structural supports & string ribs for their Soundboards. Thus, your harp's voice will be musical and individually unique. It will, however, typically take between one & two years to mature and find its own voice. Yet, that will always be a sweet improvement! 
  • Each ParaHarp Paulownia Wood Soundboard is custom hand-made by Davy C.
  • ParaHarps' Soundboards are "floating," meaning they can be easily removed & replaced if they should ever become damaged or crack, etc., protecting your investment. Most other major components can be easily repaired or replaced, as well (many times without having to send the whole harp back to the shop).
  • ParaHarps use laminated, pre-veneered multiply cabinet wood for their major structural components. These are very strong yet lightweight and offer a smooth, semi-polished surface, all to last through years of use.
  • ParaHarps use a traditionally closed-back, bottom bass-ported Sound Chamber for efficient low notes, which more evenly balances the bass with the treble. This feature also adds back the lower bass harmonics typically missed in the similar, smaller, back panel-ported harps. This also serves to project the sound towards the audience but does not allow the harp player to absorb all of the sounds.
  • ParaHarps use Back Panels that are easily removed for string & pick-up installation or maintenance.
  • ParaHarps are quite lightweight for their size with a smaller footprint when compared to a similar-sized, Celtic-style folk harp, weighing in at around 14 lbs or less. They are much easier on your shoulders and young children.
  • ParaHarps have a very narrow footprint, side to side and front to back. And, they are well under 48" tall (roughly 43" tall).
  • ParaHarps are self-supporting on their feet and can be stored closely against a wall, without touching the wall (and includes a mounted rubber wall bumper), and when leaning the harp back on the shoulder to play, using their non-slip, rubber feet.

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Contact us to set up a Skype or ZOOM appointment to see & hear one of these harps.

ParaHarp Particulars:

ParaHarps are great for students, young children, adults moving up from those little, colored play harps, and for clinical work where a fuller, more inspiring sound is highly desired but where a smaller footprint and lighter weight are still required. 

A ParaHarp's treble is clean, articulate, and well-balanced against its bass end. String tension is a bit easier than on a comparable Celtic harp but is not spongy in the least bit. Spacing is a bit closer, as well, both making it far easier for beginners, children & the elderly to learn on or continue to play the harp, regardless of age.

The 26 string ParaHarp's notes start on its low C and end about 3.5 octaves higher on G. The seven or more lowest bass notes consist of deluxe wound strings for a more even & balanced bass-to-treble scale. (We refuse to use those cheaper, less efficient monofilament strings in the bass range.) All strings are name-brand quality treble nylon monofilament or bass nylon-nylon wrapped.

String colors default to the traditional North American standard (Red C's/Blue F's) unless you specify the South American Standard (Blue C's/Red F's) in the Shopping Cart Notes at which these optional colors will be changed to requiring an extra week to deliver.

For all the playing & engineering advantages of the Paraguayan folk harp, go back to the opening pages & scroll down to the section, "Why Go With A Paraguayan Style Folk Harp."

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Contact us to set up a Skype or ZOOM appointment to see & hear one of these harps.

The above picture at the top of the page is the ParaHarp 26 Folk Harp demonstration model which all units for sale (below) closely model in size, shape, engineering, & most importantly, its quality sound, etc.

Finished component colors, tuner knobs, etc., may be different from the demonstration harp. See the sales page for each exact ParaHarp unit available for sale on this website. Hardware, string & accessory packs may vary slightly from what's pictured.

Your ParaHarp Harp Kit comes with the following:

  • All Harp Components, Strings & Hardware
  • Complete Assembly Instructions
  • Custom-made superior Paulownia tonewood Soundboard by Davy C
  • Deluxe Dupont nylon Tynex String Set including wrapped nylon Tynex Bass Strings
  • CBG Brass-Geared String Tuning Mechanisms (Chrome or Black plating)
  • The top of the Neck is embossed with highlighted string notes corresponding to each tuner (The letters are not easily noticed by anyone except the player)
  • String Specifications Chart
  • Treble String Wood Knot Beads with super glue (brands vary) 
  • Bass Strings are pre-knotted with leather pads
  • Tuning Pick-Up
  • Carry Handle mounted on the back of the harp
  • Electronic "e-Tuner" (brands vary)
  • String Speed Winder
  • Davy C Custom Improvised String Tuning Wrench
  • Davy C Custom Improvised String Threading Hook
  • Construction Screwdriver with #2 Phillips & #2 Square Bit
  • 5/32" Allen Key
  • Complete Instruction Plans (Click to Review Assembly Instructions)

Parts included with each ParaHarp are shown below.

 NOTE: Hardware & Tools shown below may differ slightly per the model, manufacturer, color, or availability, all depending on the specific requirements of the particular harp you are purchasing.

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Contact us to set up a Skype or ZOOM appointment to see & hear one of these harps.

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