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"Harpmaking Made Simple" Plans Book for 22, 29, & 36 String Harps

John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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This is the classic, must-have John Kovac DIY harp-making book.

Using this plans book, you can make your own 22, 29, & 36 String Kovac Paraguayan-style Folk Harps!

NOTE: This HMS Plans book is included in all of our Kovac Paraguayan-Style Folk Harp Kits. No need to purchase it separately, unless you need more than one book, like for a gift to someone else.

Includes full-sized, re-useable, cut-out templates with instructions & specifications for each harp!

We also provide complete kits of strings & hardware for your harp creation. Go to: Harp Kits


Shown are the 3 famous John Kovac Harps you can make with his plan book:

(John Kovac with his Paraguayan Style Folk Harp Creations)


"John Kovac's approach to harp making is direct, cheerful, and simple... Building a harp of his design doesn't require a lot of time or woodworking skills. The brilliant sound of these harps rivals the best that can be found." - John Lozier, Harper, and Harpmaker -

"John Kovac's gift is his ability to simplify harp making; making the construction of this most difficult instrument a possibility for many more people." - James Jones, Master Luthier -


In this historic, "HMS" book:

  • If you know how to use a drill press, circular saw, jigsaw, router, and optional power sander, you can make your own harp from scratch in about a week or so for the largest harp. Smaller harps may take a bit less time. 
  • Plans are included for the Paraguayan style of the folk harp which is known for its ease of play with a bit narrower string spacing with light to moderate tension and lighter weight & overall smaller sizes compared with similar stringed, Celtic folk harps. And, most importantly, these harps' musical tones offer clear treble with firm bass.
  • Plans include detailed, step-by-step instructions, lists of materials and size specifications, etc., harp history and some harp-making techniques & discussion, etc.
  • Plans include pull-out full-size pages of templates for each size of harp (22, 29, & 36 Strings). Pages will need to be pulled or cut out and some taped together. (Some easy adjustments to the linear lineup of the component templates will be necessary for better accuracy.)
  • In the book, John Kovac lists out the necessary wood lumber required to build your harps. He leaves you with no guessing as to what you will need. And, his layouts of the harps uses minimal lumber components & is set up in a very efficient manner, leaving almost no left-over scrap wood.
  • Go to my Harp Resources page to find the three Lists that show you the wood materials, strings, hardware, & tools required for each harp.
  • Relative measurements are included so you don't have to rely on just the templates.
  • Large 8 x 14-inch book printed in black & white.
  • The book includes pictures of the harp-making process and shared photo examples of harps made by others who have followed this book.

A supplemental PDF document package is included with this HMS book and will be emailed to you after purchase. It is full of helpful suggestions & a few amendments (clarifications) to the book. To review it now, go to this HMS link.


Sample pages from the book:


    Note: This book is offered in its as-is, original & historic format. Some easy, linear extrapolation of the templates may be required at a few points. See our notice here


    Available is an optional, highly encouraged harp-making DVD of the late, famed Paraguayan harp Maker/Player, maestro Geronimo Morinigo as an add-on package deal to the HMS plan book. Or, it can be purchased separately.



    Please take note: John Kovac's engineered string sizes were changed after publishing his various plans & Harpmaking Made Simple book (HMS), etc. We now only specify the updated string sizes recommended by traditional Paraguayan harp makers from South America. 

    So, please, ignore the obsolete string dimensions in the HMS book. On our Harp Resources pages, we list the correct sizes.


    If you make a mistake on your harp, even if not caused by us, please, notify us right away and we will see how we can help you to complete your harp anyway. You never know how we might be able to help you, which is our goal; for you to be successful in your harp building & playing! We won't abandon you in your harp-building process after the purchase, either. Let's work together!

    Happy Creek Press, Virginia
    Copyright 2003, 3rd Edition
    ISBN: 0-9668668-0-0