** All of our Harp Kits are Proudly, Custom Hand-Made &/or Assembled in the U.S.A. **


String Sizing & Note Comparison Charts for Kovac Harps with all-Nylon Strings

  • Start with the top, smallest [treble] string, #1 and work downward to the thickest, longest [bass] string.
  • All Diameters in tenths of inches.
  • If you are not sure which string number you are trying to reference, find middle C & correlate from that note. (See YouTube link below. If the YouTube link is broken, Google, "Middle C Sound")
  • String colors are default North American (Red C/Blue F). If you prefer traditional South American (Blue C & Red F), choose that option at check out.

Middle C4 Audio Sounder

See Chart Page.