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John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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Build your own very inexpensive 26 String folk harp, the Pine Harp. 

This kit is for the DIY Kovac Pine Harp project where you provide the wood & we provide the instructions, strings & hardware. We recommend using ordinary pine or upgrade to "White Wood." Be sure there are no holes or knots that might fall out later.

This is a relatively fast and easy project to get a harp student, beginning adult or child, up and running, playing the harp with very little upfront expense or investment into uncertain, future musicians.

The Pine Harp is a Paraguayan-styled, lightweight & compact 26 string folk harp with lighter string tension. The harp has 26 American-standard, color-coded strings: Red C's/Blue F's. 

The harp's scale starts at Middle C and ends about 3.5 Octaves above Middle C (C to G).

Plans with Full-Sized templates are included. And, we include an instructional DVD to assist in assembly using your own provided, choice woods. The DVD also has a section on tuning and playing by ear.

The kit is simple to put together & can be assembled in about a day or so using basic hand tools (after you have built the wooden harp body). Stringing & tuning will take several hours more. Surface finishing could take a day or two longer, depending on your chosen finish & method of application.

Parts include:

  • 26 Monofilament Strings (Standard)
  • 26 String Beads (for knots)
  • 26 Sound Board String Grommets
  • 2 Pairs Tuning Machines Spares (Left & Right-hand)
  • 6 Tuning Machine Drive Gears with Screws
  • Tuning Machine Hardware Kit
  • Tuning Machine Modification Kit w/ Sample Tuning Machine
  • All Necessary Hardware per plans
  • 2 Rubber Feet with Screws
  • 1 String Winder
  • 1 Electronic Tuner
  • 1 Custom-made, Davy C Tuning Wand (Wrench)
  • "How To" Links Document
  • Complete Kit Plans with Full-Sized Templates
  • Instructional DVD
  • The customer to provide all wood, finishes, glues, non-standard hardware, assembly, etc.

And, yes, it is OK to add your own sound-box to the back of the harp's soundboard, where the strings attach. The larger the box, the louder the harp will sound, it will resonate more and the bass will become deeper. Only, be sure to include somehow to take it off or other so you can get access to the strings. Email or call us for suggestions.

And, you can upgrade the quality of the wood. Recognized tonewoods are better if you plan to upgrade from pine or white wood. Using stronger tonewoods than pine will give the harp a much better sound and durability. Though, many have used the default pine successfully. 

Or, you can take the harp apart in the future and upgrade to higher quality, more durable tonewoods later.

As a builder, I'd recommend you consider using paint for this type of wood for the harp's surface finish as opposed to stains, etc., depending on the quality of the wood used. Paint, on pine or white wood definitely looks much better & more modern.

But, an inexpensive stain can work if you sand the wood down very smoothly and fill in all the typical pine knot cracks, etc. Then, use a surface protection coating after that, like some type of urethane, etc.

See John Kovac's classic Pine Harp Demo Video #1 on YouTube. Here is Demo Video #2.

Don't want to build your own starter harp? Then, please see Davy's, John Kovac Styled Pine Harp upgrade, pre-built and ready to play. It is excellent for new students & experienced players alike. And, it is excellent for clinical harp situations based on its fuller range, small size, ease of tuning, and lighter weight.

Go to Harp Resources Page.

If you make a mistake on your kit, even if not caused by us, please, notify us right away and we will see how we can help you to complete your kit anyway. You never know how we might be able to help you, which is our goal; for you to be successful in your harp building & playing! We won't abandon you in your kit building process after the purchase, either. Let's work together!

The harp kit pictures are typical and yours may differ depending on your own harp.

Note that the Full-Sized Plans & Instructions that come with our kits are the original John Kovac documents reproduced from his historical, legacy drawings and text sources. These are scanned & corrected for any original errors, format misalignment, etc., as much as possible. However, no guarantee of perfect accuracy is implied. 

And, John Kovac Harps by Davy C reserves the right to change, improve, correct, modify, or delete the following without notice:

  • The name brand products incidentally mentioned in the original Instructions & Plan sets. 
  • The Plan Drawings & Instructions for accuracy.

All original Plans & Instruction sets & books are sold as is in their historical contexts.