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John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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Harp strings for new harps or as replacements sold individually. These are the following types, all in nylon:

  • Wrapped bass strings
  • Colors:  Clear, Red & Blue
  • Core Sizes available:  .032/.036/.040/.045/.050/.055/.060
  • Lengths, Short (in Vibrating Lengths, as measured from the soundboard to the bridge pin):  Under & up to 40 inches

To order, please use the memo area of the shopping cart to specify:

  • Note (C, F or, etc.)
  • Length: (under & up to 40 inches)
  • Tail Lengths @ Neck (6 to 10 inches)
  • Verify Color (Clear, Red or Blue)
  • Verify Wrapped Diameters of Core & Wrap (example: .032/.008)
  • Any other unusual or particular mounting options, etc.
  • All wrapped bass strings come with a leather washer at Soundboard (see picture).

Davy's Harp Resources Link

Typical nylon/nylon wound bass string shown in the picture.