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by Davy C

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This is a completed harp based on the John Kovac classic Pine Harp and is styled after the Paraguayan Folk Harp. Each harp is hand-built in the U.S.A. and each harp will be customized and individualized uniquely.

Paraguayan Harps are known for their ease of play, less wide string spacing, bright treble & tight, efficient bass. Plus, these harps are many pounds lighter in weight and their physical sizes are smaller than comparably sized, Celtic folk, lever harps. 

Paraguayan style harps have considerably less string tension than conventional harps and are therefore much easier on the fingers. The strings are a bit more closely spaced - very nice for children & easier for those without large hands.

The harmonic curve of the neck of a Paraguayan harp is rivaled only by that of a concert harp. Paraguayan harps are engineering marvels - exceptionally lightweight, which produces a brilliant sound. The strings run through the center of the neck, and the tension of the strings actually holds the harp together in a balanced way. Like the Paraguayans, we strive to make our harps as light as possible. A lighter harp means a more responsive sounding harp.

Your harp will be hand made from less expensive, select woods for a lightweight harp great for children, adults beginners & those needing a fuller range, compact & lightweight harp for clinical work. The harp will contain the following types of wood components, strings & various hardware and options:

  • Sides & Sound Board Rails- White Wood & Pine
  • Top, Bottom & Trim- Poplar
  • Braces- Pine or White Wood
  • Pillar- White Wood or Poplar
  • Neck- White Wood
  • Soundboard, Back & String Ribs- Thinned Luann Multiply Laminate
  • Solid brass eyelets, various beads & various hardware
  • 26 precision, geared guitar-style tuning machines- no slipping, no tuning wrench
  • 7 wrapped bass strings- 19 mono-filament strings, All strings are nylon.

Currently, during the COVID event, all wrapped, wound bass strings will take up to about two weeks to create before shipping the kit.

  • String Colors: Red C's, Blue F's.
  • Finish: Painted, either with a semi to higher gloss protective finish.
  • Standard harp colors are the 1) traditional two-tone Sand/Chocolate Brown; 2) Black.
  • Size/Weight: 46 inches high; weighs about 14 pounds, depending.
  • String Winder
  • Electronic Tuner included.
  • How to Knot Harp Strings Document
  • Scale: C4 to A7 (about 3.5 Octaves)

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