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John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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Harp strings for new harps or as replacements sold individually. These are the following types, all in nylon:

  • Treble mono-filament strings
  • Sizes Available:  .020/.022/.025/.028/.032/.036/.040
  • Colors: Clear, Red & Blue
  • Lengths Available: (up to 46 inches)
  • Add any other unusual or particular mounting options, etc.

To Order:

1) Please use the custom String Specification Worksheet Form to verify your needs.

2) Using that above Worksheet as a reference, order the size, color & quantity for each string. Repeat for each additional string before entering the Shopping Cart.

3) Also, within the Shopping Cart's Special Instructions for seller area, specify the Size, Note Desired and the Vibrating Length (V.L.) for each string. (example.060, B, 36")

4) You may also or instead send an email with the Worksheet PDF attached showing all the same information. Please be sure to include your contact information & order number!   (Email Address: jkharps@outlook.com)

Davy's Harp Resources Link

Typical nylon treble string is shown in the picture.