** In Memoriam: Maestro John G. Kovac, Our Founder & Mentor, 11/1945 to 7/2022 **

Keyboard-2-Keyboard Kit

John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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Create your own Keyboard-2-Keyboard, instant piano playing instrument from our Kit.


Can you type or are learning to type? Then you or your child can have fun typing [playing] on the piano or electronic keyboard even if you or your child don't play the piano!

Using our Plans Kit while you supply your own inexpensive pine wood and poplar dowels, you can quickly create your own K2K designed by John Kovac. We provide you with easy instructions, various parts, and the exclusive K2K Song Booklet written & designed by John Kovac. You provide any other inexpensive materials like optional vinyl stick-on letters, wood finishes, etc. 


See John Kovac show you the K2K in action.


When fully built, your K2K Kit Instrument should consist of:

  • Main Wood Board, you provide (with 25 holes drilled per the template)
  • Key Labels (Handwritten or stick-on stencils, etc.)
  • Paint or other finish
  • 60 Felt Pads (Felt Pads fit on both sides of dowels)
  • 2 Wood Legs with 2 screws & felt pads
  • Two, 3 Foot Dowels cut to two sizes (one size for white piano keys, the other for the black keys)
  • Pegs for black keys should be darkened with a permanent marker or thin paint
  • Exclusive Song Book written & designed by John Kovac
  • Wood Not included


What comes with the Kit:

  • Complete Instructions with Note-Hole Alignment Template
  • Template & Note Supplement Pages
  • 2 screws
  • 60 Felt Pads
  • Exclusive Kovac K2K Song Booklet

Samples of the K2K System:





Note: These plans are offered in their as-is, original & historic format. Some easy, linear extrapolation of the templates may be required at a few points. See our notice here.


The pictures show a typical K2K instrument & kit. Your instrument may turn out differently depending on how you finish it, etc. 

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