It's been a rough couple years but, Music!

Posted by Davy Clark on

Precious few have been left unaffected by the last several years of turmoil that seems to have covered our globe. While this is Not a political post, we can't ignore the situations we humans all share on this planet we all call our home. 

Though, through it all, I have been amazed throughout the decades of my life to see that music always emerges from within the human race, even in the darkest of hours. Who hasn't heard of the Titanic Band, playing to the last second, encouraging those who remained on her decks at the last?

Who is unfamiliar with the Jewish musicians in the midst of the Holocaust's ghettos and work camps that played their musical compositions and traditional folk & worship music to the persecuted who had all but lost the hope of life? 

We, today, have a privilege and maybe a responsibility to keep our music alive despite the conditions that surround us that may be quite difficult to deal with.

Yet, such responsibility can have devastating effects upon music that should instead voluntarily flow from the human heart. Music from the soul cannot be forced if to be authentic. Music is not only made but created & experienced all at the same time. It soothes, enlivens, gives hope, remembers, and at times, it grieves. 

I encourage us all to find our musical voice and if you haven't already done so, give freedom to it. Perhaps, your instrument might bring healing to another's heart or your own? Maybe, it will give one more day's worth of living in a life that can sometimes be too mundane or found within the seemingly, "What's my purpose?" moments we all experience.

Only, I suggest we don't force it. We may have to force ourselves to sit down and play. But, let the play be play once in a while! Touch the strings of your harp. Let each note ring by itself before moving on to the next. Experience the resonance of its unique voice and let it fill your body & soul with its often healing sounds. 

Either shared or alone, music will always find a good way in life. I pray we don't miss those moments!

Blessings of health, healing & most of all, Life to Y'all,



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