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These are awesome links to the world of harping & supplements to John Kovac Harps by Davy C.

  • (Any link here is not an implication of support for or affiliation with John Kovac Harps by Davy C.)

Davy's Kovac Harp Resources (Useful harp info including Harp Tuning, Kovac String Charts, Tying String Knots, etc.)

John Kovac, Founder (Please, Subscribe on YouTube to keep updated & hit the Bell for notifications of new videos by John.)

Dina Celeste, Contemporary Paraguayan Harpist from Paraguay, South America

Nicolas Carter, Latin American Traditional Harpist living in and teaching & touring throughout the USA

The International Society of Folk Harpers & Craftsmen (Including their Folk Harp Journal)

The American Harp Society