Harp Kits

Build your own inexpensive, Do-It-Yourself Harp Kits!

Both original John Kovac Harp Kits, and our new, deluxe ParaHarp Kits with wood are found here.

Professional Reviews:

"John Kovac's approach to harp making is direct, cheerful, and simple... Building a harp of his design doesn't require a lot of time or woodworking skills. The brilliant sound of these harps rivals the best that can be found." - John Lozier, Harper, and Harpmaker - https://www.harpingforharmony.org/

"John Kovac's gift is his ability to simplify harp making; making the construction of this most difficult instrument a possibility for many more people." - James Jones, Master Luthier - https://www.jamesjonesinstruments.com/


John Kovac Harps by Davy C
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ParaHarp Kits by Davy C
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