Build your own inexpensive, Do-It-Yourself Harp with our original & historic Kovac kit harps, and our newest 34 String ParaHarp Folk Harp Kits!

All of our harp kits contain all the matching Parts, Hardware, Strings, Assembly Instructions, Plans & Templates you need to complete your harp, all contained in one, convenient kit package. Simply choose from the links below which harp(s) you want to make. (Wood is not included.) 

Also, for those that wish to provide their own harp materials & strings, see our stand-alone, dedicated harp plans-only at our Kovac Harp Making Plans menu for all John Kovac Harp, DIY Projects (no wood, parts or strings, but is DIY plans only).



Typical wood &/or lumber suggested for our Kit Harp components (except for Soundboards) include, but are not limited to Western Red Cedar (or South American cedar), Maple, Poplar, Paulownia, various Baltic Birch (Finnish) plywood, select hardwoods (like Red Oak for a few components), and veneered Birch plywood.

Various knotty pines & other wood composites are not recommended. It is best to avoid all standard, industrial & building plywood.

For Soundboards, Luan multiply underlayment, U.S. Western Red Cedar, Aircraft Birch, Spruce, & Paulownia are only recommended. All other plywood is definitely NEVER recommended for any Soundboard application.


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John Kovac Harps by Davy C
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John Kovac Harps by Davy C
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