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String Tuning Mechanisms, Chrome (Individual Replacements)

Davy C

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Replacement String Tuning Mechanisms, Chrome, Non-Inline (L/R)

  • Chrome Settings
  • Real Brass Drive Gears
  • Knob colors vary from white to light grayish Pearloid, depending on the batch. 
  • Left or Right Hands, Non-Inline

Unlike so many other economical tuners in this price range, our tuners don't use foreign powdered iron drive gears, which break down or strip out quickly; very often right out of the new packaging!

Instead, our Tuners use strong brass, which won't break down so quickly, even with a lot of string pressure & use. We've stringently tested these string tuners for 4 to 5 months before using them on our harps. We have gotten marvelous results from them with not even one failure!

Installation trick: If you need a Right Hand Tuning Mechanism and all you have are Left-Hand units available, take an L.H. Mechanism apart & reverse the worm gear/knob & put it on the inverted back plate (setting) & reassemble it. You now have a Right-Hand unit!


Tuner Specifications: 

  • Left-hand 
  • Right-hand
  • Non-Inline
  • Chrome Settings
  • The matching bushings are plastic.
  • Tuner settings are approximately 27mm wide, and 14mm tall with a 27mm long string shaft, and string hole at 22 - 23mm from the setting.

Tuner Options & Specifications:

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REMINDER: String Tuning Mechanisms may have a back-order delay in shipping of approximately one or two weeks due to their custom-made nature.

If you need several different products to purchase & need some sooner than later, we suggest you make two orders so the rest of the parts ship right away & arrive earlier than the tuners (& wrapped bass strings, which also delay ship).

The pictures show a sample of the style.