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DVD - HARP MAKING VIDEO: "Traditional Paraguayan Harpmaking w/Geronimo Morinigo"

John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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The must-have traditional Paraguayan harping video of the late, great Geronimo Morinigo. Filmed on location by John Kovac at John's own mountain harp-making shop in the Shenandoah National Forest, Virginia, USA. 


This is not an instructional video for any of our harp kits. Rather it is an inspirational maker's video of a professional Paraguayan harp maker, of which we DIY harp makers are a part of a long line of superb traditions. John Kovac based his own Paraguayan-styled harp creations on these harps, as demonstrated in the video.

Watch & listen as Geronimo takes you through the entire process, 95% by free-hand and from memory (except for the neck/harmonic curve template he keeps with him), while John narrates for us; Geronimo only speaks Spanish. But, his immense talent & music is not limited by his lack of English!

If you want to know the secrets to the great sound & ultra-lightweight harps of Paraguay and how you might make your own based on the founding principles of the Paraguayan harp tradition, get this DVD! 


This is a legacy video disc, in DVD format, which may have a plain paper sleeve instead of a jewel case with a commercial media sleeve.


Also, see our DVD where Geronimo teaches you harp playing in his own methods of practice.