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  • Please, contact Davy Clark (David J Clark, Owner & Sales Agent) for all correspondence on all product purchases, shipping & general questions about John Kovac Harp Kits & Products, Accessories & Services including Paraharps by Davy C., etc.
  • And, contact Mr. John Kovac, our founder, for all fun questions regarding all things in harping, kits, music & gadgets, etc. Please, do not contact John for any dedicated product sales or shipping questions. He will turn them back over to Davy possibly delaying your questions from being answered.
  • Please, in addition, provide your phone number, too so we might more directly contact you if prefer or, if you tried our phone numbers & your were sent to a voice message box instead. Your phone number will not be recorded or used for any type of marketing, etc. 

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Davy Clark, Sales Agent for all John Kovac Harps by Davy C website sales questions:

Phone: (859) 494-2067 (Kentucky, USA)

USPS: 135 Copperfield Ln, Georgetown, KY 40324-2643, USA

(Since Davy may be out in the shop creating kits, the phone will likely go to the voice mail box first. Please, leave a message! Davy will call you back, mostly during normal business hours, as soon as possible, within 24 hours during the work week, Monday to Friday, for non-emergency, non-priority calls, unless you specify a day/time otherwise. Email messages may be a faster way to get hold of Davy anytime.)


John Kovac, Senior Advisor for all fun questions & thoughts concerning harps, harp kit engineering & gadgets, harp music, etc.