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Contact Us

In the Message Box provided below:

  • Please, contact Davy Clark (David J Clark, Owner & Sales Agent) for all correspondence on all product purchases, shipping & general questions about John Kovac Harp Plans & Products, Accessories & Services including Paraharps by Davy C., etc.
  • Mr. John Kovac has fully retired from the industry & no longer actively takes questions or comments. However, should any come from his fans, past customers, associates, or other concerned world citizens, Davy will pass them on immediately to John. And, Davy will relay any responses back from Mr. Kovac if Mr. Kovac doesn't directly respond back in person himself. 
  • Please, in addition, provide your phone number, too so we might more directly contact you if prefer or if you tried our phone numbers & were sent to a voice message box instead. Your phone number will not be recorded or used for any type of marketing, etc. 
    • (Since Davy may be out in the shop creating harps, the phone will likely go to the voice mailbox first. Please, leave a message! Davy will call you back, mostly during normal business hours, as soon as possible, within 24 hours during the workweek, Monday to Friday, for non-emergency, non-priority calls, unless you specify a day/time otherwise. Email messages may be a faster way to get hold of Davy anytime.)



    Davy Clark, Sales Agent 

    Phone: (859) 652-3013

    USPS: 135 Copperfield, Georgetown, KY 40324-2643, USA