What Our Customers Are Saying

    D.G.- Michigan, October 2020

    Thanks! I just finished my Paraharp 26 kit last weekend. I am waiting for the harp to settle in tuning. But, the sound is just awesome. It is all I had hoped but at a closer price that I could afford at this time. I like that it is, as you say on your website, lightweight so that my pre-teen daughter can easily carry it around and play it, which she hasn't stopped since we gave it to her (even though it needs tuning a lot at this time.) 

    Even the low notes are strong sounding and not weak compared to that one brand with the tiny, little harps we've tried a friend's. Plus, the sustain is very pleasing for such a "smaller" harp!

    Thanks for making these kits available to people at this time. We recommend this harp and tell potential buyers they can't go wrong getting their starter instrument from you. 

    [Thanks, D...! You just said it all. Pictures? - Davy]


     J.S.- Ohio, September 2020

    Harp Kits Finished, 36 string & 22 string Kovac models, completed with our Kovac harp kits.

    "Thanks for your help, and for keeping John Kovac's designs available."


    M.W.- Arkansas, August 2020:

    The new website is great. The extra details, fuller product descriptions and easy ordering are all appreciated improvements. I think the extra steps you have taken to make the harp building process look doable for beginners should be a real encouragement to many to give it a try. Especially welcome is your offer to provide guidance through the building process if there are unexpected issues that come up during the build.

    I started stringing my completed harp about 6 days ago. Still working on tuning but it is getting better each time. I have no prior woodworking experience. I had to buy several tools and a jig saw. Still, I found the project doable and fun. I hope many others will be encouraged to try their hand at it.

    Enclosed is a picture. Thanks for the kit that made completion possible.

    Customer MW Harp Pic

    You are providing a valuable service to us nervous do it your-selfers.


    M.W.- Arkansas, July 2020:

    Harp kit arrived today. Very fast. Thank you for your speedy service and attention to detail. I will send pictures of the harp when complete... 


    D.L.- Kentucky, 2019 

    I bought the Harpmaking Made Simply book. It even comes with the cut out templates for 3 different harps. I found the book very comprehensive. It includes many pictures of others who have used John Kovac's plans to make their own harps. I found this inspiring that I could make my own for less then I could a pre-made harp. John was quick to respond and threw in a free CD & one of his other books as a bonus. I am quite pleased with the purchase.