Política de envío


  • We are in partnership with Shopify's web-hosting and as a result, they provide us with discounted shipping & insurance which savings we pass directly onto you, our customers.
  • It is less expensive for you if we add shipping separately for each full order instead of hiding it within the prices of each of our products while making the bogus claim you are getting free shipping & handling. (No Carrier ships for free!)
  • Products are normally shipped within 24 to 48 hours after being ordered & are shipped on regular business days, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays & weekends. (Though, many orders will ship on Saturday mornings, if an order comes in late in the week.)
  • However, due to the custom nature of our specific harp kits, all Harp Kits will now delay ship, typically, between 7 & 14 days (or, sooner than 7 days, if possible) after you place your order. Please, be aware Black Friday & Christmas Season deliveries are often further delayed beyond our control. 
  • This order shipping delay includes the following individual parts or kits:
  1. Standard String Tuning Mechanisms.
    (Economy Tuning Mechanisms will continue to ship immediately (no delays).
  2. All Wrapped Bass Strings.

When your kit/order finally ships, you will be immediately notified by routine email.

    • All orders will be tracked and you can be updated, via carrier email, if you choose, as the process goes along.
    • All orders will include the cost of full insurance.
    • All shipping will include a shipping materials & handling fee.
    • All standard, routine orders will go out USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground Service.
    • Individual harp strings will go out 1st Class USPS Mail.
    • Pre-built harps will ship UPS Ground Service using a Special Delivery Harp flat fee.
    • UPS cannot use P.O. Boxes, etc., for delivery. A street address is required to be delivered to your home or business location. 
    • All harp deliveries will require a signature upon receiving. No signature; no delivery.
    • You must check your delivery for any damage immediately upon its arrival in the unlikely event of any shipping damage done to the product caused by the 3rd party, delivery carrier. Take pictures, if possible, and notify the Carrier & us immediately of any damages to the product(s). (Within 24 hours or less.) John Kovac Harps by Davy C (David J Clark, Agent) will not be held responsible for damage done in transit. Claims will be made to the shipping carrier immediately in such cases. If you fail to notify us and the carrier in a timely manner and the claim gets rejected, you may forfeit your right to a free product exchange & would subsequently be stuck with the damaged product.

    Please Note: Due to COVID & other import/export restrictions & limitations, etc., sales outside the U.S.A. will not be accepted. Expect some possible delays in shipping due to involuntary COVID mandates.