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How to knot mono-filament harp strings:

This is a short tutorial, taken from one of John Kovac's harp making books, that shows you how to knot your own strings, at the soundboard, when stringing your harp. 

PDF for string knots is available.

Note: We also encourage the use of small jewelry beads, like the ones we supply in our kits & string sets, placed on the string just above the knot, next to the Harp's Soundboard, between the knot & the Soundboard.*

* On the inside of the Sound Chamber [Box or Body] of the harp.

Note: Do not waste a lot of string at the knot. Use as little as possible but, enough for a strong knot. If you use too much string at the Soundboard knot, you may have too little left to tie onto the string tuning mechanism at the top of the Harp's Neck.