String Specification Worksheet Forms

1) Use Forms below to figure out your strings needed.

2) Then, go to the string order Pages and order in the Shopping Cart per normal.

3) Add all strings necessary into the Shopping Cart at one time before making purchase.

All Kovac Strings are Nylon only.

Download Forms:

  • Install Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader for free Here. (link owned by Adobe)
  • Use Adobe's "Fill & Sign In Acrobat" function in their PDF Reader.
  • Clicking on the PDF link below will automatically open Adobe once installed on your computer.
  • String Specification Worksheet Form PDF
  • (Download; Fill out; Save-As; Email.)

Optional Form Download:


    Necessary String Data we will ask you to send us:

    • Note(s) sequence (example C4; D5; etc.)
    • Note Colors (Red or Blue Cs/Fs) (Default are Red Cs/Blue Fs)
    • Treble String Size Diameters (example .025)
    • Individual Bass String Wrap Data (example .032/.008)
    • String Vibrating Length (From Soundboard to Bridge Pin, in inches)
    • Tail Length @ Harp's Neck (example:  Default is 6" [in inches])
    • Quantity each string.
    • Our wrapped bass strings come with an installed leather grommet (@ soundboard).
    • If you are uncertain, please see our String Chart page to find your harp's strings.

The picture shows a typical string set and may not match your exact order of strings. Used for illustration purposes only.