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Tribute to John G. Kovac

This page is our Tribute to our late Founder & Mentor here at www.johnkovac.com:

Maestro John G. Kovac, November 1945 - July 2022


See John's Official Obituary by his family:  John G. Kovac

If you haven't already, you can read my blog on the passing of John Kovac. The blog is where you can leave a comment, as well.


 Thank you for your comments! 

This Tribute Page will stay active for additional comments until July 6, 2023.

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1) From Beth, Front Royal, Virginia, USA

(Recently published YT interviews with John Kovac)

YT Link #1 (3+ Minutes)

YT Link #2 (5+ Minutes)


2) From Davy Clark (www.JohnKovac.com), Lexington, Kentucky, USA

(Thoughts on the recent passing of my beloved Friend & Founder, John Kovac)

"Today, I grieve for an anxious & troubled world that has lost such a giant in harp music & individual creativity, who gave regular folks all around the world, the opportunity to rise to so much higher musical endeavors through a most awesome & ancient, stringed musical instrument."

"Clearly, John enjoyed a World Stage for his harp passion and yet remained so kind, humble, & approachable. I am ever grateful John had the courage to leave his early practice of law to pursue the passions of his heart. Surely, the world would be a far lesser place had he shrunk back from his ultimate calling! His example is one meant for all of us."

"I am very humbled & glad that John had actually found joy that someone (myself, Davy C) was able to continue on with his harp-making vision & his Legacy. I pledge that his Legacy and his contributions to the World’s enlightenment & the joy of music should always be remembered. He's a world treasure that must never be lost."

If you haven't already, you can read my blog on the passing of John Kovac.


3) From J.R., (January 2023)

(As translated from the comment's original Spanish)

"We want to thank you for this memorial for our friend and Brother John Kovac, he left a wonderful legacy at home as he left my daughter a 26-string harp and also a bow psaltery and we are honored that my daughter [ ] continues with this bond with her teacher, we are deeply hurt by his departure, but my daughter wants to continue on his path and share more of the music that John shared with her, we still have a lot to learn because she is barely a [ ]-year-old girl when she received her instruments by the hands of the master Kovac."

"But, thanks to your page we will follow his path."


4) From H.B., New Hampshire, USA (May 2021):

"Thank you so much. I love this CD [Isle Harp]. I use it in the morning in my preschool classes to welcome my students. I have art projects and activities set out for them and they really love it."

"This music has been such a joy for my students for a few years now... I have used this in my classrooms for over 400 students over the years and I can honestly say it sets the tone for serenity, peace and so much joy."

"The parents always comment on how much they love the music..."

"Your music has made an impact on me and my students."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"