Digital Download- NEW! - "Sentimental Harp - Geronimo Morinigo"

John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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This brand new release (March 2022) of music played on the Paraguayan Folk Harp by Geronimo Morinigo was recorded by John Kovac in the summer of 2000 & only distributed briefly.

Uplifting melodies of various genres from around the world as played on the Paraguayan Harp by master Paraguayan harp maker, Geronimo Morinigo
  • Geronimo is joined by John Kovac in a harp duet on Tracks 1 & 2, "Pajaro Choqui" & "Fanny Power."
  • This is a legacy music CD now exclusively provided via a digital download in high-definition audio '.flac' format. 

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The music file also contains the original CD jewel case's Cover & Back Panel with song listings, copyright info, etc.