ParaHarp, 26 String, Paulownia & Cedar Woods - C2

Davy C

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This pre-built, pre-strung ParaHarp Kit was intended as a demonstration model for ParaHarps. 

One slight cosmetic defect has been compensated for by a reduction in price. (As seen on the Neck, the white plug.) Otherwise, the quality of sound and playability of the harp is totally unaffected.

This particular ParaHarp model uses Western Red Cedar & Mahogany wood for its various functional accents & string rib. The sides of the Body (sound chamber) vary from the standard ParaHarp model in that they are made entirely from Western Red Cedar. Its tone is slightly more mellow but balanced across its treble & bass.

Thus, this harp is lightweight, at 11.4 pounds, and is & melodic because of the thorough use of Paulownia & Cedar tonewoods for most of its internal & external sound chamber components. It is normal for this type of soundboard to have a bit of noticeable outward flex near the bass region of its string rib.

Its Paulownia tonewood soundboard uses only Cedar inner supports and inner string rib, creating a very responsive transducer for its harp strings to interact with.

The Neck, Pillar (Post), Feet and structural support Rails use the standard ParaHarp laminated & veneered cabinet wood throughout including within the Body.

This model has no tuning pick-up.

All other features & engineering closely match that of the ParaHarp series harps.

This ParaHarp unit is prestrung. Per normal shipping, the unit will be broken down (see above descriptions) and the strings taped and held within the Body, etc. You will only find it necessary to guide the already mounted strings up through the Neck and into each of their tuners after performing the minimal re-assembly of the harp: Neck to Body; Pillar to Neck & Body; Feet to Body; in all, using several screws, 2 bolts & 1 handle.

NOTE: Hardware & Tools shown may differ slightly per the model, manufacturer, color, or availability, all depending on the specific requirements of the particular harp you are purchasing.

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