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Kovac Specialty Harpune Harp Plans

John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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Using our full plans set, build your own original John Kovac Specialty model harp, the Harpune, a 26 String Paraguayan-styled folk harp. 

The Harpune plans are a complete set of plans with full-sized, cut-out templates & assembly instructions and include a supplemental instructional DVD format to assist in your harp's assembly. The DVD also has a section on tuning and playing by ear. 

Plans-only sets do not come with wood, strings, hardware or surface finishes. However, we can provide the strings & hardware needed to build your harp. Go to Strings & Hardware kits.


The Harpune's Description

The original Kovac model Harpune is a Paraguayan-inspired, lightweight & compact 26-string folk harp with beautiful tone & lighter string tension. This basic version consists of the harp's body with an open back & no legs or feet. 

The harp's scale starts at its low C and ends about 3.5 Octaves above it (G).

The harp is simple to put together & can be assembled in about a day or so using basic hand tools after the wood has been cut & finished. Surface finishing could take a day or two longer, depending on your chosen finish & method of application. Stringing and tuning will take a day longer.

The HARPUNE also comes with an option to achieve note sharps called Taquitos which are small dowels set behind certain strings to achieve the semitones. If chosen to be used, they should be installed a few weeks after the harp has settled in.


See John Kovac's classic Harpune Construction Video on YouTube. 

Video demo #1 of John Kovac playing his Harpune harp creation.

Video demo #2 of John Kovac playing his Harpune harp.


The Harpune Harp requires the following components, parts & pieces:

    • Wood for Sides, Neck, Pillar, Top & Bottom Plates, Soundboard, etc.
    • Surface Finishes (stains, paint, lacquer, etc.)
    • 26 Nylon Mono-filament Strings
    • Optionally, use 7 wrapped bass strings & 19 monofilament treble strings
    • 26 or 19 String Beads (for knots)
    • 26 Sound Board String Grommets
    • 26 Tuning Machines for Standard Acoustic Guitars
    • 1 Nut & Bolt
    • 6 Side Screws
    • 2 Long Neck Screws
    • 16-20 Brads, 1"
    • 2 Rubber Feet with Screws
    • 1 String Winder
    • Custom Neck String Threader
    • Electronic Note e-Tuners are highly recommended. (It is not a good idea to use a piano to tune your harp.)


26 String Harpune Plans:

Example of Harpune Harp:


  • Also, Go to Davy's Harp Resources for resources to build your harp.
  • Note: These plans are offered in their as-is, original & historic format. Some easy, linear extrapolation of the templates may be required at a few points. See our notice here.


For plans for the traditional John Kovac 22, 29 & 36 String Paraguayan-style folk harps, see his classic, DIY harp-making book, Harpmaking Made Simple.


If you make a mistake on your Kovac harp creation, even if not caused by us, please, notify us right away and we will see how we can help you to complete your harp anyway. You never know how we might be able to help you, which is our goal; for you to be successful in your harp building & playing! We won't abandon you in your harp building process after the purchase, either. Let's work together!