The ParaHarp 34P, 34 String folk harp is almost here!

Davy's Harp Resources

See the following links for helpful resources on building, maintaining, setting up & tuning your harp.

Free 3rd Party PDF Readers: (Adobe Acrobat Reader & Foxit PDF Reader)

DIY Kovac Harp Kit Supplies, Strings & Tools Lists: (6 Separate Pages)

* Below are the 3 Kovac Specialty harp lists:

* Below are the three Kovac Harp kit lists also found within the Harpmaking Made Simple plans book:

* For the above 3 Paraguayan Folk Harps, ignore the string diameters suggested in the "Harpmaking Made Simple" book. John Kovac later updated those parameters to what is now the updated sizes as shown in the above documents.

Adjust all string hole & grommets sizes proportionally.

All our harp kits are adjusted for the updated string sizes & grommets. 

Materials Resources:

  • Wood, glues, surface finishes, tools, hardware, etc: Any "Big Box" home & lumber stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) &/or national lumber stores (84 Lumber, etc.). Harbor Freight is good for inexpensive tools if you are making only a single harp.

    ** If you desire to make your harp's Soundboard from superior "Paulownia" quartersawn wood instead of Sitka Spruce (as we do for our ParaHarps), we highly recommend either:

    • David Sutton, (423) 278-8891,, Tennesee, USA
    • Danny Blickenstaff, MT. HOPE FARMS, (301) 790-2372, Maryland, USA

    Supplemental PDF Document Set: 

    • Harp Resources & Links
    • Harp Tuning Mechanism modifications
    • Detailed string paths
    • Attaching strings to your harp & winding
    • Optional Tuning Modifications for your harp (making tuning life easier)
    • Modifications to make your Kovac Harp better.

    ParaHarp Folk Harp:

    How to Tune Your Harp

    How to Tie a Knot on Your Harp Strings (At the Soundboard)

    Middle C Finder (Traditional C4 on Kovac Harps - may not match piano)