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John Kovac's Music CDs are now INSTANT Digital Downloads! 

Also, besides John Kovac's CDs, we offer a number of his DVD companion recordings that teach a harpist how to play the music found on his various harp music CDs. Look for the "Learning Companion" DVD series in our How To DVD section.

* We also have a few CD hard disc albums left in stock, while supplies last.



"John Kovac has recorded over 20 albums of harp music, including an album with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra." - PVC Musical Instruments

"John Kovac's music & video series are always fun, uplifting & encouraging. Never does he talk down to the student; patient, but never bores the listener with fluff. I find his music easy but never infantile. Surprisingly accessible, yet mature though, never beyond the reach of our humanity." - Instant Reviews, Music & More

"Thank you so much. I love this CD [Isle Harp]. I use it in the morning in my preschool classes to welcome my students. I have art projects and activities set out for them and they really love it. This music has been such a joy for my students for a few years now."

"I have used this in my classrooms for over 400 students over the years and I can honestly say it sets the tone for serenity, peace and so much joy." "The parents always comment on how much they love the music,..." - H.B., New Hampshire, USA


  • Due to the nature of Digital Downloads, no returns accepted nor refunds given for purchases & downloads.
  • However, in the very unlikely event you have an issue with a digital download, we will help to correct that problem so your music CD purchase will be successful.


John Kovac Harps by Davy C
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