** In Memoriam: Maestro John G. Kovac, Our Founder & Mentor, 11/1945 to 7/2022 **


John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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by John Kovac

A DIY instruction video on a way to add sharping levers to your DIY made harp

    Please, be aware that this is a process that modifies a harp's Neck/Harmonic Curve before it is built. This modification won't work on an existing harp not already prepared for levers.

    Also, it was designed to go along with John Kovac's pre-made sharping lever templates he used to provide. However, those templates have been lost to posterity. Yet, one can watch the video & might carefully extrapolate the size of the Neck & the locations of the sharping levers without the templates.

    We at JK Harps are actively looking for John's missing sharping lever templates. If they are ever found (targeting Spring 2023) in John's shop (now after his passing in Summer 2022), we will reproduce and offer them as one of our accessory products for Kovac 36 string Paraguayan harps. We will also email notify everyone about this [possible] discovery who has ever purchased this DVD recording.

    Please, stay tuned...

    • Includes a brief opening section on using standard levers, taquitos, and a sharping ring.


    Demonstrations Videos:

    video #1

    video #2

    video #3.


    Note: These plans are offered in their as-is, original & historic format. Some easy, linear extrapolation of the templates may be required at a few points. See our notice here.


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    This is a legacy video disc, in DVD format, which may have a plain paper sleeve instead of a disc case with a commercial media sleeve.