** In Memoriam: Maestro John G. Kovac, Our Founder & Mentor, 11/1945 to 7/2022 **

Strings - Complete Sets for all Kovac Harps & Kits

John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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Complete String Sets for all Kovac Harp Kits & Plans. 

All strings are Nylon.

What you receive:

  • All traditionally Kovac-specified strings for your Kovac harp, including wrapped bass strings (where applicable) & treble monofilament strings. 
  • Bass strings with pre-installed leather pads & knots.



Notice: After creating your string knot, add a wooden, metal, or strong plastic crafter's string bead for non-slip strength before feeding the string through the soundboard & up to the Neck. Or, use a thick piece of nylon harp string within the knot in place of a bead.

At check out, identify which kit or harp you want to purchase strings for.


Please note:  All wrapped bass strings are custom-made at the time of order & are not stocked. Please, allow for several extra weeks for strings to be created & shipped after placing your order. Only one, combined shipment will be made for all string sets & materials ordered at the same time.

Please take note: John Kovac's engineered string sizes were changed after publishing his various plans & Harpmaking Made Simple book (HMS), etc. We now supply the updated string sizes recommended by traditional Paraguayan harp makers from South America. 

So, please, ignore the obsolete string dimensions in the HMS book. Our string kits now contain the maker-recommended sizes.

(If you desire to use the sizes of the original strings, while we won't provide them, it is recommended you provide the string specifications to your other harp string maker for them to reproduce the original string parameters.)

We also send new-sized grommets meant to match the adjusted string parameters. 

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