Davy's Harp Resources

See the following links for helpful resources on building, maintaining, setting up & tuning your harp.

Free 3rd Party PDF Readers: (Adobe Acrobat Reader & Foxit PDF Reader)

DIY Kovac Harp Kit Supplies, Strings & Tools Lists: (6 Separate Pages)

* For the above 3 Paraguayan Folk Harps, ignore the string diameters suggested in the "Harpmaking Made Simple" book. John Kovac later updated those parameters to what is now suggested sizes. (Adjust all string hole & grommets sizes proportionally.)

Materials Resources:

  • Wood, glues, surface finishes, tools, hardware, etc: Any "Big Box" home & lumber stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) &/or national lumber stores (84 Lumber, etc.). Harbor Freight is good for inexpensive tools if you are making only a single harp.

    ** If you desire to make your harp's Soundboard from superior "Paulownia" quartersawn wood instead of Sitka Spruce (as we do for our ParaHarps), we highly recommend either:

    • David Sutton, (423) 278-8891, http://www.paulowniasource.com, Tennesee, USA
    • Danny Blickenstaff, MT. HOPE FARMS, (301) 790-2372, Maryland, USA

    Supplemental PDF Document Set: 

    • Harp Resources & Links
    • Harp Tuning Mechanism modifications
    • Detailed string paths
    • Attaching strings to your harp & winding
    • Optional Tuning Modifications for your harp (making tuning life easier)

    ParaHarp Folk Harp:

    How to Tune Your Harp

    How to Tie a Knot on Your Harp Strings (At the Soundboard)

    Middle C Finder (Traditional C4 on Kovac Harps - may not match piano)