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Repair Services & Upgrades for John Kovac Harps & Kits

Is your Kovac Harp in need of repairs? We are authorized to make repairs on ALL Kovac harps, whether made directly by John Kovac himself or by a Do-It-Yourself builder. 

Your harp can be shipped to, or dropped off at our shop's location in the Bluegrass of Kentucky, near Lexington, for us to look at. We can then determine if it can be fixed, and if so, to give you an estimate on the cost of any repairs & the time to do so. 

(We recommend you do not take your harp to a guitar, violin, or piano shop for repairs. Such dealers usually have no clue as to how a Kovac harp is built and needs to be repaired to play great again.)

Go to this link to see our replacement Soundboards.

Very often, if your location is too far away from our shop, a harp can be disassembled by you & just the broken component or part can then be shipped much easier & less expensive than shipping the whole harp. We can work with you to help you make all that happen so you can get the harp repaired and back into your hands, ready to play again at the minimal cost possible.

We may also be able to repair your South American-made, Paraguayan or other harp, which are very often quite similar to John Kovac's Paraguayan harps.

We can also upgrade your Kovac harp or kit in order for it to use Sharping Levers. (For John Kovac's two, largest Paraguayan harp models, NOT for any of his specialty or experimental harps.)

Give us an email or call & let's see what we can do to repair or upgrade your harp.