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 All this he has recorded for us on his YouTube channel, DVDs, CDs and in his books & harp kits, etc.  

As a Celtic Folk & Lap Harp and Lyre making hobbyist myself, I had the great opportunity to train directly under John Kovac in his Do-it-Yourself (DIY) style of harp making. Each night of my training, John, Judi, their friends and I would go out to this, that or the other restaurant  playing music together to John's own DIY harps and gadgets.

What fun times with the Master harpist! 

Now, as John is retired from active kit harp making and, as this updated website's sales agent & harp maker, I have the unique opportunity to continue the process for and with John, to provide John's original DIY kits including his other DIY harp making products & plans to the world.

 While John is retired from making kits for sale, he continues on as the Senior Advisor to this website, as one of John's favorite sayings is, "Each One, Teach One." (Which John received from harp-making legend, Robbie Robinson.)

I am also available for consultation and for anything & everything to do with all the sales & products found on this John Kovac Harps by Davy C eCommerce website. 

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John Kovac, a long time Paraguayan harp player, starting about 1986, who became mesmerized by this harp & decided to learn to play it when he was young & traveling in Central & South America. 

John also became interested in making all sorts of musical instruments based around the harp. The

DIY harp kits & products offered in this Internet Shop continue to be based on the kits with which he has enabled over several thousand other folks, throughout the world, to create their own harps.

You can also find John's large volume of musical works on the harp, his harp kits and his various inventions on YouTube. Look for John Kovac at his YT Channel


John, a master harp maker, has been making harps for at least 34 years and is constantly experimenting in an effort to simplify & improve harp design so that anyone with a will and a few simple tools can make one, too. 

One harp design is the 26 String Pine Harp that anyone with the simplest of tools can make. And, also the 26 String Harpune which is just a little more challenging to build but has a much louder tone than the Pine Harp. 

Both of these harps are lightweight, ergonomically correct, easy to tune, use sustainable woods, have a cool feel, and can optionally, be disassembled and reconstructed in very short time for airline transport. 


John has lectured about harp building at the U.S. Library of Congress, and has been invited to perform at 3 international harp conferences. He's also authored several articles about harp construction in The International Society of Folk Harpers & Craftsmen Journal. 


The harp is one of the most ancient of musical instruments and one of the easiest to play. There are two basic types of harps: Concert harps, which have pedals that allow the harpist to change the pitch of the strings. Concert harps are very expensive ($10,000 or more) and very heavy (about 90+ pounds). All harps other than concert harps are folk harps. Folk harps have never been standardized. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can even be constructed from such common materials as PVC pipe and fittings. 


As a harp maker, John has constructed almost 500 folk harps over the decades. Pictures of a few of John's harps can be found on this website. He plays each and believes that he learns something new after building every one. John constantly experiments and never tries to do the same thing twice. John's innovative designs have been reproduced in our exclusive, John Kovac kits, videos, and books which can be found on this John Kovac Harp Maker website. 

You will be fascinated with John's crafty inventions of musical instruments made from inexpensive PVC pipe. You can easily build one yourself with the The Piper Harp Plans book and hardware & string kit. 

John also shares his enthusiasm for harps, DIY instruments and his other fun creations by offering audio recordings, books, videos and kits that have introduced so many folks to the pleasure of the harp & musical experimentation. See his classic Paraguayan harp video here and a recent, local news release about his gadgety here on YouTube.

His classic book, Harpmaking Made Simple, legacy DVDs & CDs and folk harp kits have introduced musicians & non-musicians alike to the joys of playing the folk harp. 

We can certainly do the same for you today! 

Check out our Shop to find which kit, plans, book & recording are right for you.