Hardware Sets for Kovac Paraguayan Harps & Kits

John Kovac Harps by Davy C

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Need stand-alone kit hardware set for your Kovac 36, 29 & 22 String harp?

We carry all the hardware necessary to build your DIY Kovac Paraguayan 36, 29 & 22 string kit harps per John Kovac's original plans. Dedicated hardware is sold in complete sets only.

These Hardware Kits are not intended for Kovac specialty harps such as the Harpune, Pine Harp, the PVC Piper Harps, and not for any ParaHarps.

For spare or extra parts not supplied in the kits, etc., we suggest you go to the nearest hardware or big box store for standard, easy-to-obtain, common hardware like supplemental screws, etc. 

Various Hardware types:

  • String Tuning Mechanisms, Left hand & Right-Hand w/Screws (Chrome settings, White knobs.)
  • Grommets (Soundboard)
  • Plastic or Wood Beads
  • Various Infrastructure Screws
  • Post (Pillar) Screws
  • Rubber Feet & Screws
  • Brads   

Each Hardware Kit is designed specifically for the Harpmaking Made Simple plans book harps. Your kit may be slightly different than shown but it matches your harp.

REMINDER: String Tuning Mechanisms may have a back-order delay in shipping of approximately one or two weeks due to their custom-made nature. The whole kit will be held & will ship once any back-ordered Tuners become available.

Some pictures show approximate typical kit components. 

NOTE: Electronic Note Tuners (eTuners) shown may be sold separately, depending on the kit.