** In Memoriam: Maestro John G. Kovac, Our Founder & Mentor, 11/1945 to 7/2022 **

Strings - ParaHarps (Individual Strings)

Davy C

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Individual Replacement, Nylon Harp Strings for all ParaHarp 26 & 33 string harps.

These strings are intended only for ParaHarp harps. 


Note: We do not supply strings for other non-ParaHarp or non-Kovac harp makes & models.

Please, see your string specification chart or list that came with your harp kit, plans, or harp.

And, see our harp resources pages for specific models of Kovac harps.


Treble String Specifications:

  • Treble Strings: Mono-filament Nylon
  • Colors: Clear, Red Cs, & Blue Fs
  • Please, see our suggested knot-tying document by John Kovac.

Notice: After creating your string knot, add a wooden, metal, or strong plastic crafter's string bead for non-slip strength before feeding the string through the soundboard & up to the Neck. Or, use a thick piece of nylon harp string within the knot in place of a bead.

Bass String Specifications:

  • Bass strings: Wrapped Nylon/Nylon
  • Colors:  Clear, Red Cs & Blue Fs 
  • Lengths: Available as listed for this harp
  • Tail Lengths @ Neck: Default 10 inches
  • All wrapped bass strings come with a leather washer/knot (see picture).


Please note:  All wrapped bass strings are custom-made at the time of order & are not stocked. Please, allow for several extra weeks for strings to be made & shipped after placing your order. Only one, combined shipment will be made for all string sets & materials ordered at the same time.


To Order:

Choose the correct ParaHarp string Note from the pull-down menu on the product listings above. 

If you are uncertain of your string's specifications, follow the string size listings in your harp instructions or email us for help identifying your correct string at Contact Us.


Davy's Harp Resources Link

A typical nylon string is shown in the picture.

String Labels in pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Your string notes may vary.