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Strings - Kovac 29 String Harp (Individual Strings)

Davy C

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Individual Replacement Nylon Harp Strings, for the Kovac 29 String Paraguayan Harp. 

Our strings are superior Dupont Brand Tynex Nylon, custom created & polished specifically for harp strings.

These strings are designated for the Kovac 29 String Paraguayan harp model based on its own note sequences. Refer to your harp's documentation or to our harp resources pages for specific model information.


Note: We do not supply strings for other harp makes & models.


String Specifications:

  • Treble Strings: Mono-filament Nylon
  • Bass Strings: Wound (Wrapped) Nylon over Nylon
  • Choose String Colors: Clear, Red, or Blue
  • If replacing existing strings on older harps please, specify if Blue Cs & Red Fs in shopping cart.
  • Comes with a standard string bead & a piece of thick string for easier knotting.
  • Please, see our suggested knot-tying document by John Kovac.


To Order:

Choose the correct Kovac harp string Note, for each series of harps, from the pull-down menu on the product listings above. 

If you are uncertain of your string's specifications, follow the string size listings in your harp instructions or email us for help identifying your correct string at Contact Us.

REMINDER: Bass strings may have a back-order delay in shipping of approximately two or three weeks due to their custom-made nature. If back-ordered, the whole set will be held & will ship once any back-ordered strings become available.


Please take note: John Kovac's engineered string sizes were changed after publishing his various plans & Harpmaking Made Simple book (HMS), etc. We now supply the updated string sizes recommended by traditional Paraguayan harp makers from South America. 

So, please, ignore the obsolete string dimensions in the HMS book. Our string kits now contain the maker-recommended sizes.

(If you desire to use the sizes of the original strings, while we won't provide them, it is recommended you provide the string specifications to your other harp string maker for them to reproduce the original string parameters.)

We also send new-sized grommets meant to match the adjusted string parameters. 

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A typical nylon string is shown in the picture.

String Labels in pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Your string notes may vary.