Harp Kits, Do-It-Yourself 34 String ParaHarps, Available during March 2023

ParaHarp Kits by Davy C

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Introducing the ParaHarp 34P & 34SL folk harps.

Build your own 34 String Paraguayan-styled folk harp from these DIY kits including a sharping lever Neck option for the 34 String Harp.

Includes pre-cut wood components with instructions, hardware & strings!

  • 34P standard kits to become available March 2023
  • 34SL Sharping Lever Neck option, April 2023


What You Get & Tools Needed

These are complete harp kits, and are based upon John Kovac's classic, world famous 36 String Paraguayan-styled Harp as found in his book, "Harpmaking Made Simple.

Each harp kit comes with complete instructions, all wood components, strings, dedicated hardware & moreYou'll need to supply your own hand tools, small wood saw, clamps, glues, sand paper, surface finishes, protective top coatings, etc., to finish your own harp. A powered drill/driver is recommended.

Optionally, a jig saw, orbital power sander & router can come in very useful, but not absolutely necessary for a beginner.

It is estimated an inexperienced beginner can build this kit in about 7 to 10 days. (Stringing & tuning can take additional time.)

The Assembly & Process

(Your use of approved ear, eye, hand & breathing protection is always highly recommended!)

1. All Wood components are Pre-Cut for you.
2. Complicated Wood Components are Pre-Shaped to varying degrees (Sides, Neck & Pillar & Soundboard). All other components are cut to size to fit.

3. All components are pre-punched or pre-drilled where necessary and at all critical & complicated locations.
4. You glue & screw together all components.
5. You sand all components (except for the pre-veneered pieces) and you might shape some to your individual liking (such as Soundboard Retainer Strips, etc.).
6. You get to surface finish all non-veneered components as you choose (paint, stain, lacquer, etc.). (Most wood components can be sanded & finished before assembly.)

You are free to dress up, surface shape & decorate your harp however you see fit as long as its basic infrastructure or Multiply Laminate surfaces don't change.

Custom Deluxe Soundboard

Additionally, we provide a custom handmade, pre-assembled, quarter-sawn Paulownia wood Soundboard system. This is a superior, lightweight but very strong & flexible wood that is also an excellent tone wood. Using this deluxe-premium Soundboard will provide the great sound everyone wants from their harps.

We also use hide glue to assemble our Soundboards ensuring the best possible sound reproduction from them. (We don't use regular wood glues which largely restrict, dampen & insulate the sound of each wood panel in the Soundboard assembly, making for a not so pleasing sound, weak & thin.)

Hide glue has been used on historic, awesome sounding, world famous violins which have held up in playable condition for hundreds of years!

We also recommend you use hide glue at strategic points on your harp to give it maximum sound quality. See the instructions for where we recommend this glue be used. For other less critical areas of the harp, regular wood glues may be used. Though, hide glue used almost throughout the Sound Chamber (box or body) will provide a far superior & more pleasing performance of your harp.

Tuning & Time

We even provide an electronic musical note tuner [eTuner] for when the time comes to tune your harp & keep it tuned throughout the years.

(We NEVER advocate using a piano to tune your harp, at least not initially until after it becomes stable, holding its tuning. Using an eTuner can be far faster, easier & more accurate.)

It will take a year or two for your harp to settle in & begin to find its best & unique voice. Though, by 90 days or so after it has begun to hold its tuning, the harp will begin to sound better & better; especially the more it is played. Consistent, regular tuning & playing will become very important at this time.


Our complete Harp Kits come with the following, depending on options: 


  • 2+ Octaves of Nylon over Nylon Wrapped bass strings
  • About 3 Octaves of Nylon Mono-filament treble strings.
  • Range: almost 5 octaves from bass C up to treble A
  • String Colors are Red Cs & Blue Fs


  • 2 Side Panels, 2 Neck Halves with Spacers, 2 Pillar (Post) Halves, 1 Top Plate, 1 Bottom Plate Assembly set, 1 Back Panel, 2 Feet, various Cleats & Strips, etc., and 1 Bridge Pin Dowel Set.
  • 1 Deluxe-Premium, Custom Handmade & pre-assembled Paulownia wood Soundboard System (The most important part of your harp!)
  • 1 ParaHarp Brand decorative Neck Rosette


  • 34 String Tuning Mechanisms, Chrome, White knobs
  • 1 Dedicated Hardware Pack
  • 1 Instruction PDF Document included as a digital download only. (You can see & download it here for free. Can be printed in full color.)
  • 1 String Winder
  • 1 Custom Tuning Wrench
  • 1 Custom String Installation Hook
  • 1 Tool Set (various dedicated screw bits, etc.)
  • 1 Electronic Musical Note Tuner


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If you make a mistake on your harp, even if not caused by us, please, notify us right away and we will see how we can help you to complete your harp anyway. You never know how we might be able to help you, which is our goal; for you to be successful in your harp building & playing! We won't abandon you in your harp-building process after the purchase, either. Let's work together!